Extinction threatens elephants, with catastrophic repercussions on the planet

Recent environmental studies have warned that the largest mammal living above the surface of the earth is heading towards extinction, which is nothing more than a loss of one of the species on the surface of the planet, but rather an increase in the risk of global warming.

The British Sky News network quoted experts as saying that the number of elephants has declined dramatically in the Congo Basin, which extends over large areas of several countries in Central and West Africa, by 60%, to become only about 40,000 in this region.

And elephants suffer from poaching in order to obtain ivory and smuggle it abroad, as experts warn that if the elephants disappear completely, the Congo rainforest, which is second only to the Amazon in Brazil, will lose up to 9 percent of its ability to absorb carbon in the atmosphere. thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

The extinction of elephants raises these concerns because they absorb carbon, and they also feed on trees that are low in carbon intensity, because they are more nutritionally beneficial to them.

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