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Farewell kiss .. Trump discusses new options for Iran !!

American decisions began to accelerate, as the administration of US President Donald Trump began to take a series of sudden decisions and measures, based on the principle of the last farewell before the end of Trump’s term and the new US President Joe Biden administration assuming power.

After it was revealed yesterday that new orders were issued by the US Department of Defense regarding the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and Iraq during the remainder of the Trump administration (one month), US media revealed today that Trump requested options to attack the main Iranian nuclear site.

The American newspaper, “The New York Times”, quoted an official as saying: “Trump requested during a meeting on Thursday, November 12, with his senior aides for national security, including Vice President Mike Pence, Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and General Mark Milly, head of the The Joint Chiefs have options for attacking Iran. “

The official confirmed, “The advisers convinced Trump not to proceed with the implementation of the strike, due to the risk of a wider conflict.”

He added that Trump, “asked for options … they gave him the scenarios … and he decided in the end not to proceed.”

According to the newspaper, “the strike was to be directed at the” Iranian Natanz “reactor, as the International Atomic Energy Agency stated, last Wednesday, that Iran’s stockpile of uranium has become 12 times greater than what is permitted under the nuclear agreement, which Trump abandoned in 2018. Noting that “Iran did not allow it to enter another suspected site, where there is evidence of past nuclear activity.”

It is noteworthy that the US Secretary of State said earlier that “the United States still has more work in the coming weeks to reduce Iran’s ability to (torture the Middle East). We have ensured that Iran has the least amount of dollars and resources possible to build their nuclear program.” ..

“We will continue the pressure in the coming weeks … there is still work to limit their ability to torture the East,” the American minister added.

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