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FIFA, the possibility of reducing the time of matches and implementing a petition by foot

The International Football Association (FIFA) revealed an official statement to comment on the recent news about the possibility of making new changes to the laws of the most popular game in the world.
And press reports stated that FIFA is considering introducing new controversial amendments to football laws, such as reducing the match time from 90 minutes to 60, implementing throw-ins with the feet, and making an unlimited number of substitutions.
This is in addition to stopping the time of the match when play stops, and the player leaves the field for 5 minutes if he receives a yellow card.
However, “FIFA” denied in its statement, the existence of any intention to change the rules of football, stressing that the matter was not raised in the first place.
He also explained: “We can assure all football fans, that there is currently no intention to try the rules, or any of the changes indicated in these reports.”
“These changes were not discussed within FIFA, or with our colleagues at the International Football Association Board,” he stressed.

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