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Final communiqué of the Chinese Arab Summit

The Final Communiqué of the Arab-Chinese Summit affirmed the desire to strengthen the strategic partnership between the Arab States and China.
The statement, which concluded the summit meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the leaders of the GCC countries in Riyadh, noted the need for unwavering adherence to the principles of the United Nations, including respect for the sovereignty of nations.
The statement emphasized the abstention from the use or threat of use of force in international relations and the maintenance of the international order based on international law and multilateral action.
The statement stressed the centrality of the Palestinian issue and that it required a just solution based on the two-State solution, and affirmed the invalidity of Israel’s unilateral practices aimed at changing the status quo in Jerusalem, emphasizing the role of the Hashemite trusteeship over the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem.
The statement underscored the Arab States’ commitment to the one-China principle and support for Beijing’s efforts at territorial integrity, as well as the rejection of the independence of Taiwan as an integral part of the Chinese territory.

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