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Financial benefits and public prosecution

For the first time in the history of Lebanon, heads of bank boards have appeared before the Financial Prosecutor !!! An unprecedented incident, we hope that that incident will be a manifestation of a reality that is out of the ordinary and free of corruption !! Away from political favoritism and religious quotas .. Away from robbery gangs… Away from mafias collecting the dead on the rubble of the bodies of others.

The Financial Public Prosecution summoned the heads of the banks administration to investigate the administrative abuses that some of them were exposed, and among the most important violations was the sale of Eurobonds. The administrators ’excuse before the Public Prosecution was that there is no law preventing the buying and selling of bonds during the crisis !!! While those banks do not own Eurobonds, how can they sell something that they do not own in the first place ???

As for the material transfers that took place after the demonstrations last October, bank administrators answered that there was no law issued that prevented them from making amendments !! And those transfers are legal !! If these transfers were legal, where is the law in seizing citizens’ money ??? Where is the law that hundreds of thousands of dollars are transferred to foreign banks while the citizen cannot receive the full monthly dues that do not exceed a thousand dollars ???

Where is the law that bank administrators refrain from handing over the names of the owners of financial transfers after the October crisis, which exceeded billions, under the pretext of banking secrecy !! It is true who said that it is an excuse worse than sin. Investigations are ongoing. Citizens have great confidence in the eradication of corruption. One day, corruption will end and hope for us in the new Lebanon, Lebanon of the Cedars.

As for the Serail session chaired by Diab to discuss the financial dues resulting from Lebanon and the deadline to pay the debt is nearing completion, and there are no clear solutions except other debts and fabulous benefits so that Lebanon remains in the corner of debt while Lebanese politicians own real estate, companies, huge financial accounts and political competition. The Lebanese image is more and more distorted, and the biggest attack was directed against the new Lebanese government, especially Prime Minister Hassan Diab. What is the secret of this intense attack at a time when we need to reunite what remains to us from the remains of survival …. Waiting for the comprehensive changes that Hassan Diab promised us. We hope The beginning of a national awareness of the political and media platforms …

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