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Find out the ranking of the most profitable clubs in the Champions League this season

The French “sportune” website, which specializes in economic affairs in the world of sports, published a table of the ranking of the clubs with the most income in the Champions League this season, and Bayern Munich topped the list of the most profitable clubs during the current season of the Champions League, so far, with an amount of more than 64 million euros, after To win all the past five rounds of the group stage of the tournament, while the rest of the teams were ranked as follows:

1- Bayern Munich: 64,887,000 euros
2- Real Madrid: 63,224 000 euros
3- Chelsea: 59,813,000 euros
4- Juventus: 57,539 000
5- Barcelona: 56,280,000 euros
6- Manchester City: €55 256 000
7- Paris Saint-Germain: 52,662,000 euros
8- Liverpool: 52,380,000 euros
9 – Manchester United: 52,258,000 euros
10- Atletico Madrid: 51,206 000 euros.

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