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Finland and Sweden join NATO today

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Finland and Sweden will formally sign today the protocol to join the alliance.

“We found common ground. In Madrid, the leaders agreed to invite Finland and Sweden to participate after signing the Memorandum of Understanding,” Stoltenberg said during an event to sign the protocol in Brussels, referring to differences with Turkey.

He also added, “Today we will officially sign the accession protocol, which marks the beginning of the ratification process for their accession. The doors of NATO remain open to European democracies that want to contribute to strengthening our common security.”

“With 32 countries at the NATO table, we will be stronger and our people safer,” he added.

It is expected that after the signing of the accession protocols for Sweden and Finland, they will be submitted for ratification by all NATO members. According to media reports, this process may take several months

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