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Foods and drinks to avoid on an empty stomach

There are several foods and drinks that should not be consumed on an empty stomach, even if they are healthy, as the stomach is empty, and the food that enters it must be chosen so as not to cause any disturbances in it.

the banana

Although bananas contain potassium, magnesium, and fiber, they are also sour and contain a lot of sugar.

Eating acidic food on an empty stomach leads to bowel problems, and eating foods rich in sugar in the morning can make you sleepy and drain energy after a few hours.

Sweetened yogurt

It is not recommended to eat sweetened yogurt on an empty stomach because it is rich in harmful industrial sugars, and it is better to eat Greek yogurt and sweeten it with honey or fruit.

And if the yogurt is unsweetened, it can be eaten without worry, as it is a healthy breakfast and helps in losing weight. It is also preferable to eat a cup of unsweetened yogurt in the evening, because it helps in digestion and getting rid of stomach disorders.

Oatmeal is a healthy choice for breakfast, as it is rich in fiber, vitamins and protein, and does not contain gluten.

Raw green vegetables

Vegetables are healthy and beneficial foods, but eating them on an empty stomach may increase the chances of bloating, gas, irritation and abdominal pain.

As most of its types contain insoluble fiber, which causes side effects for people who suffer from digestion problems, so it is one of several foods and drinks that should not be consumed on an empty stomach.


Tomatoes are a vegetable rich in vitamins and low in calories, but they are one of several foods and drinks that should not be consumed on an empty stomach because they can cause abdominal pain.

Citrus fruits

It is advised to avoid acidic fruits on an empty stomach, such as: oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, especially for those with sensitive stomachs, as they interact negatively with digestive juices and cause irritation and heartburn.

It is also recommended to avoid citrus fruits on an empty stomach for people with diabetes, because these fruits contain carbohydrates, which lead to raising sugar levels in the morning.

cold drinks

Any cold drinks should be avoided on an empty stomach because they irritate the stomach and intestines, and cold soft drinks will lead to bloating and a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen.

It is recommended to drink a cup of warm water in the morning before breakfast, as it improves digestion and blood circulation, and helps in losing weight.


Many people drink coffee or drinks rich in caffeine on an empty stomach, which is usually harmful to health, as it leads to stomach and digestion disorders, and causes bloating and intestinal irritation.

And in the event that it is difficult to stop drinking coffee in the morning, let it be after eating breakfast, as it is one of several foods and drinks that should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

spicy foods

Consuming allspice and hot peppers on an empty stomach can irritate the stomach lining, which can lead to acid reactions, cramps, and indigestion.

Useful foods on an empty stomach

Stomach problems can be avoided and helped to receive food by eating a mixture of garlic and honey on an empty stomach.

To prepare the mixture, 12 minced garlic cloves are placed in a jar of honey and mixed well, and left in a place away from sunlight for a week.

One tablespoon is taken every day before breakfast for best results.

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