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Foods that help the liver get rid of toxins and fats

There are some foods that help remove toxins and fats from the liver, according to the scientific journal “Vita24”.
 Garlic: It contains active compounds such as allicin, selenium, and sulfur compounds, which are beneficial for liver health and can treat fatty liver. Garlic also enhances the detoxification process by activating liver enzymes.
Grapefruit: This type of fruit can promote liver detoxification as it is high in antioxidants. This fruit also contributes to regenerating fatty liver and improving liver functions in general.
Cabbage: All its types, such as broccoli, red cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, should not be absent from the table if you suffer from fatty liver and want to treat it. Cabbage has an intense cleansing effect and can neutralize toxins.
Green tea: Anyone with fatty liver should drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea. Green tea in particular is particularly suitable in detoxifying the organ. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, green tea can better dissolve and eliminate accumulated fat. It also helps in losing weight.
Avocado: Fortunately, the liver has the ability to regenerate and can even be treated through lifestyle and diet changes. Avocados can support liver health. Because this fruit not only protects the organ from toxins, but also helps it regenerate.
Tomatoes: Help get rid of liver fat. Because it contains a high percentage of water and is rich in the tripeptide glutathione. Which helps in purifying and supporting the functioning of the organ and healing the patient from fatty liver.
Beetroot: It helps filter heavy metals from the blood and removes toxins from the body, thus preventing fatty liver. It should not be absent from any dining table.
 Leafy vegetables: such as spinach help neutralize heavy metals and filter out herbicides and pesticides. It also stimulates the production of bile fluids, or what are known as “bile acids.”
 Lemon juice: Helps detoxify fatty liver. The fruits contain a lot of vitamin C. A cup of hot lemon juice in the morning not only eliminates anxiety but also stimulates bowel activity and bile function.
 Turmeric: It also helps in removing toxins from the liver. The peeled and grated fresh root or yellow spice can be added to many dishes. Turmeric supports the detoxification process of fatty liver. It also protects against many types of cancer

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