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Stay away from breathing through the mouth, as the nose is responsible for purifying the air from the dust suspended in it, as well as humidifying the air reaching the lungs, and to ensure proper breathing free of dirt or anything that may be stuck in the air, it is necessary to breathe through the nose.

– Exercising pushes the person to absorb additional amounts of air, and this in turn activates the work of the lungs and makes the body more active and energetic.

Go to places with green nature, due to the presence of large amounts of pure oxygen.

Stay away from smoking, as it causes infections in the respiratory system, and with the aggravation of the issue, it leads to cancer.

– Make sure to clean your hands well, due to the continuous increase in population density, the spread of diseases has become very easy and fast, and to avoid exposure to these diseases, we must keep our hands safe from microbes, which anyone can catch.

– providing the body with vitamin tablets, which improve the work of the lungs; Especially vitamin (C), vitamin (D), and vitamin (E). Preventing respiratory diseases, wear masks while you are with patients.

Stay away from places crowded with people and cars.

Putting a piece of cloth over the nose when sneezing, and this is to prevent the spread of infection if you are pregnant.

Avoid direct exposure to cold air.

– Stay away from smoking and the places where smokers are.

Vaccination against both the common cold and tuberculosis.

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