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For the first time, Amr Diab and Tamer Hosni sing together

The artist Amr Diab and the artist Tamer Hosni participated together in singing for the first time in the song Ya Ana Ya La, during their attendance at the wedding of the artist Ahmed Essam, which was held yesterday and in which a large number of stars of art and singing participated, including the artist Mohamed Mounir, who participated in the ceremony of holding the wedding ceremony for the bride.

And Ahmed Essam’s wedding succeeded in bringing together Amr Diab and Tamer Hosni for the first time, who together began presenting the song Jaljali with the participation of the artist Hamid Al Shaeri, after which Tamer Hosni Diab participated in presenting his song Ya Ana Ya La.

Where the pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip of the wedding, in which Amr Diab appeared embracing Tamer Hosni, to deny everything that had been promoted over the past years that there was a rivalry between them.

The star Mohamed Hamaki, the singer Ramy Sabry, the star Mustafa Qamar and the artist Mohamed Nour also participated in the wedding ceremony, and they all participated in presenting the songs of the star of the ceremony, the artist Hamid Al Shaeri.

The social media pioneers shared a video clip in which Amr Diab participated in singing with Hamid Al Shaeri, amid the enthusiasm of the two stars, Tamer Hosni, and Mustafa Qamar, who appeared dancing together to the tune of the song and repeating some of its words.

And the artist, Tamer Hosni, was keen to congratulate the newlyweds through a group of photos through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook and commented on them, saying: “Milaaaaaaaar, congratulations to my beloved and my life’s companion, Ahmed Essam, by God. I commented, I will not be able to describe the beauty of her soul and her sincerity, I hope everyone.

A video clip of the marriage contract ceremony was also circulated, in which the star, Mohamed Mounir, appeared as the agent for the bride. Tamer Hosni also participated as a witness to the contract, and the Islamic preacher Mostafa Hosni edited the marriage contract.

In a funny snapshot, Tamer Hosni and Ahmed Essam re-presented a scene that brought them together in the movie Nour Aini 13 years after it was shown during the wedding ceremony, as they appeared in the pictures wearing fez to simulate the scene in its details, in an atmosphere of joy and the attendees wore fez like them, led by the artist Mustafa Qamar.

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