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For the first time, conditions for women’s admission to the Kuwaiti army

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense announced the conditions that must be met for the admission of women into the army, based on the legal fatwa issued by the Fatwa Board in the Ministry of Endowments regarding women joining the military for the first time in the history of the Gulf country.
According to the Kuwait News Agency, the Kuwaiti Minister of Defense, Sheikh Hamad Al-Jaber Al-Ali Al-Sabah, adopted a ministerial decision in line with the fatwa regulations of the Fatwa Authority of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs regarding the joining of women to the military corps and set the conditions, which are:
“The consent of the guardian or the husband, the commitment to the legal veil that covers, the work in the medical and nursing specialties, the technical fields and the support services, the failure to undertake military, field and tactical training, the woman not carrying weapons, and finally the acceptance when needed to fill the required vacancies.”
Finally, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense confirmed that the army’s decisions cannot be undone, while addressing the issue of allowing Kuwaiti women to join the army.
The Minister of Defense, Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali, said in a written statement that “the decisions of the army are effective decisions that cannot be reversed in any way. Developing the capabilities of the Kuwaiti army, as is the case in other institutions of the military corps in the National Guard and the police.”
He also added that “fairness for the military, including officers, by granting them their right to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant, is a matter that supports and develops the military institution, and those who have been deprived of this right for many years, and the matter was achieved thanks to sincere efforts that did justice to the deserving of them.”
On October 12, the Kuwaiti army announced the opening of registration for Kuwaiti women to join the army and military work, after years of joining the police force, the National Guard and the judiciary and entering Parliament and the government, which provoked mixed reactions, as a number of MPs expressed their refusal For the decision on the pretext that it threatens the Kuwaiti family

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