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Foreign artists support the Palestinian cause

Many world stars sympathize with the Palestinian people and express in different ways their dissatisfaction with the tense situation in the Middle East.
At the end of her concert in Manchester, British singer Melanie Martinez was keen to announce her solidarity with the Palestinian people by raising the Palestinian flag with her and the dancers on stage, and demanding a ceasefire with the phrase “Free Palestine.”
Melanie said: “I love you all, we are a community of love and compassion, so I say Palestine is free and stop the shooting now. Follow this link and demand that the representatives stop the shooting because many are dying and this is hideous.”
During the “Camp Flog Gnaw” festival, the American singer Redveil wore the Palestinian keffiyeh, and surprised the audience by displaying the names of the martyrs in the Gaza Strip on a large screen. He spoke to the audience about the thousands of children who are killed daily and raised the slogan “Free Palestine,” calling on the audience to pressure Congress to take action from Yes, ceasefire.
Likewise, Norwegian artist Hilary Allison did in her last concert, where she raised the Palestinian flag and wrapped herself in it at the end of her concert, and expressed her support for the Palestinians by saying: “This is not just any flag, this is the flag of the most powerful people at this time. This is the flag of Palestine and they are now suffering from genocide.” “.
In turn, American star Mark Ruffalo could not remain silent about the statement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who described the Palestinians who were martyred in Israeli raids with the term “collateral damage,” and responded to him in a strongly worded language on the “X” website, saying: “No. I apologize to you. They are not “Collateral damage.” Rather, they are human beings who were born there, live there, and most of these human beings are stuck there. Have some compassion! They are Palestinians, not buildings, roads, or things. They are human beings, and so are the hostages whose lives may be destroyed, and they are not collateral damage either.”
Star Susan Sarandon also participated in demonstrations in support of the Palestinians in New York City, and denounced the continued Israeli attacks on the Palestinians and demanded an immediate ceasefire.
In a previous speech, the international star said: “You do not have to be Palestinian to stand by the Palestinian people. You do not have to be Palestinian to understand that slaughtering nearly 5,000 children is unacceptable and a war crime.”
She also added: “You do not have to be Palestinian to understand that war crimes are committed every day according to the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations. This is an opportunity to educate people if they want to be open. If you can get beyond the tribal instincts that have separated us now for a long time… it is time.” It’s time to open your heart, it’s time to be strong and it’s time for Palestine to be free.”

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