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Four modern grandmothers from China are active in fashion

Four grandmothers from Beijing, since 2019, with an average age of 70 (Wang Nian Won, Wang Xinghu, Lin Wei and Sun Yang), have formed a team of “Modern Grandmothers,” and released short videos recording their daily routine on Duen.

“Modern Grandmothers” has gained a large number of fans, ranging from the “post-1950s” to the post-2000s.

Wang Nian Won, the oldest member of the 75-year-old “Modern Grandmother” team, and their youngest, Sun Yang, 65, and the four pre-retirement grandmothers worked in foreign trade, accounting, nursing and librarians.

Out of interest, the four grandmothers took part in the amateur model training class 2000 year, and since then, they have become friends, regularly uploading videos online, attracting fans of all ages.

Many young grandmothers are a model: “I want to live such a life when I get older.” “I really envy grandmothers for their vitality.”

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