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France: Australia’s cancellation of the submarine deal is a betrayal of France

France’s ambassador to Australia, Jean-Pierre Thibault, explained Canberra’s decision to cancel the major submarine deal with Paris, which sparked a diplomatic crisis between the two countries, as a pre-planned betrayal.
Tibo revealed in an interview
Hours before he was called home, there were reliable independent press reports that Australia had begun preparations to cancel the $90 billion deal with France, 18 months before the official announcement of the cancellation.
The ambassador continued, “This means that we were deliberately misled over a period of 18 months. The preparations for the crime lasted 18 months. If the reports of this betrayal and deliberate double language are proven correct – and no one has run out of it yet – this represents a grave breach of trust and a very bad indicator.”
The diplomat pointed out that the foreign and defense ministers of France and Australia held a meeting late last month to discuss the defense ties between their countries, adding: “We believed that we were opening new ways to tangibly deepen our bilateral cooperation, but after only 15 days we were stabbed in the back, when a major project was cancelled. It symbolizes a relationship between a European country and Australia, without warning, which is actually very unfortunate.”
Australia also recently announced the cancellation of the submarine deal with
France, after it established a new defense and security alliance with the United States and Britain.
In response to the Australian action, France recalled its ambassadors from Canberra and Washington, in an unprecedented measure.

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