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France is challenging the threats … and besieging the “internet giants”.

The French authorities have hit the wall with recent US threats on the subject of imposing French taxes on internet giants, as the US has threatened to respond to this tax, which it considers discriminatory against its companies, with measures targeting French products worth $ 1.3 billion.

However, the French government expressed its insistence on implementing the law issued in July 2019 that stipulates imposing a 3% tax on the revenues of “internet giants”, with the Ministry of Economy confirming that the tax on these companies will be collected in 2020 despite US threats …

The Ministry of Economy also confirmed that “companies subject to this tax received a tax notice to pay the 2020 installments,” noting that Facebook and Amazon “are among the companies” that have received notification “in recent days”.

In July 2019, the French Parliament approved a 3% tax on the revenues of the Internet giants, in the first step of its kind in the world towards the companies of the “GAVA” group (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) and other multinational companies accused of tax evasion. This tax is 350 million euros in 2019.

Washington responded to this tax by threatening to impose 100% customs duties on some French products, especially cheeses, cosmetics and handbags.

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