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Friction and a threat of weapons between Bahrain and Qatar

In light of the impact of the Gulf crisis, and in a clear escalation of events amid the spread of news of a radical solution to this crisis, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced that 3 patrols of the Coastal and Qatari Borders Security had stopped two Bahraini boats on Wednesday as they were returning after the end of their mission.

In explaining the matter, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior revealed the details in a lengthy statement, saying: “What happened by the coast and border security patrols, against the two Bahraini boats at sea, began with the response of the two boats and ended with the objection and then their detention and the threat to use weapons.”

Emphasizing that “the Qatari patrols prevented the two boats from communicating with the operations room, regardless of their affiliation with the Bahraini Coast Guard as an official entity.”

She pointed out that “the Qatari boats did not carry any flag or identity, according to international norms, while the two Bahraini boats carried the flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the emblem of the Ministry of Interior,” and praised what it described as the “discipline, professionalism and restraint, with which the two Bahraini boat leaders dealt with the incident.” In exchange for the hostile actions demonstrated by the Qatari side. “

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior expressed its condemnation of what it called “the Qatari practices that it used to carry out towards Bahraini boats and fishing vessels in this region during the last period, as it stopped during the period from 2010 to 2020 about 650 boats and 2,153 people, which is contrary to the status quo.” For more than 200 years in the field of pearling and fishing, “according to the ministry.

She emphasized that “the State of Qatar has gone too far in such actions, represented in detaining Bahraini fishing boats for long periods, and prosecuting those on board, which resulted in a negative impact on the livelihood and livelihood of citizens, and prejudice to the fishing profession that they inherited from their fathers and grandfathers, and cause these practices.” The provocative Qatari, to cut off their livelihood, “according to the statement.

She concluded by saying that “the Bahraini Ministry of Interior affirms its categorical rejection of the insult and threat to its members and their safety, and the Qatari side bears legal responsibility for all transgressions against the Kingdom of Bahrain, and will take whatever steps it deems appropriate to preserve the security and stability of the homeland.”

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