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Friction of “Russian-American-French” with the sky of the Black Sea

The Russian National Defense Monitoring Center announced that a Russian “Su-30” fighter had intercepted American and French reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea, and accompanied them until they moved away from the Russian borders.

On December 7, Russian radars detected air targets approaching the borders of the Russian state over the neutral waters of the Black Sea.

According to the monitoring center: “To identify air targets and prevent violations of state borders, a” Sukhoi-30 “fighter belonging to the air defense of the Air Force and Joint Air Defense took off for the Southern Military District, and the Russian fighter crew identified the air targets as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the” RS “type. -135 “and” KS-135 “fuel supply aircraft of the US Air Force and a” C-160 G “reconnaissance aircraft of the French Air Force.

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