Fruits that are good for the stomach

All fruits are beneficial to the body, but some contain more vitamins and benefits than others. Among the most important fruits for stomach benefits are bananas, apples, pomegranates, oranges and cantaloupe.

Banana benefits for stomach
Bananas are ranked first in the list of fruits as food for the stomach, as they have the ability to reduce excess acidity in the stomach. In addition, bananas help reduce stomach infections,
The benefits of apples for the stomach
Apple peel contains pectin, which enhances the activity of the stomach and intestines, and helps to strengthen the body’s immunity against harmful foods that cause diarrhea.!
Benefits of orange for the stomach
It is well known that oranges contain vitamin C and fiber useful for the stomach and even the body. Vitamin C strengthens immunity and doubles digestion, the benefits of pomegranate for the stomach
There is no doubt that pomegranate is one of the beneficial fruits, especially for the stomach and heart. Daily pomegranate seeds or pomegranate juice helps burn harmful fats that accumulate around the stomach, causing great pain. In addition, daily pomegranate helps soften the stomach to accept all kinds of foods.
Cantaloupe benefits
Cantaloupe has a distinct flavor and distinct benefits. Eat melon in the summer to reduce the acidity that affects the stomach. Cantaloupe helps the stomach to digest foods naturally!

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