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Gaza is homeless and completely cut off from water

The Gaza Strip suffers from a severe scarcity of water supplies as the war enters its third month, amid a tightening Israeli blockade that controls the aid entering the Strip.
A video clip showed the situation in which civilians arrived in the Rafah area, south of the Gaza Strip, where residents scrambled to get some bottles from an aid truck that arrived to distribute water.
Israel announced on Monday night that humanitarian aid directed to the Gaza Strip would be examined at an additional crossing point starting today, before being transported to enter the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt.
Following the outbreak of war with Hamas on October 7, Israel tightened its siege on the Gaza Strip, cutting off supplies of water, electricity, fuel, and food.
According to the Gaza Municipality, the amount of water it has pumped since the start of the Israeli attack is equivalent to a third of the city’s water needs due to the bombing, the cessation of water pumping from the “Makorot” line on the Israeli side, the seawater desalination plant, the power outage, and the depletion of fuel needed to operate the wells.
The damage to about 12 wells from the Israeli bombing also contributed to the severe and significant water shortage in Gaza City, according to the Gaza Municipality Emergency Committee last November.
The amount pumped is estimated at about 1,200,000, which is not enough to meet the city’s minimum needs, according to the municipality.
Records showed that the Gaza municipality was pumping approximately 3 million cups of water monthly before the start of the Israeli attack.
While a 25% saving of 700 thousand cups per day is made from the Israeli “Makorot” line.
Providing 10% from the desalination plant, while about 2 million and 200 thousand cups are provided from local wells in the city.
While UNRWA has warned since the beginning of the war that water scarcity represents a major problem in Gaza, warning that people will die if water is not available.

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