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Gazprom announces stopping gas for these countries

The Russian energy giant “Gazprom” revealed, on Wednesday morning, that it had completely stopped gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland due to non-payment of the ruble.
The company issued an official statement on its website, saying: “Gazprom has completely stopped gas supplies to “Bulgargaz” (Bulgaria) and “BG Neg” (Poland) due to non-payment of the ruble, in accordance with the presidential decree.”
The statement also added: “Bulgaria and Poland are transit and transit countries, and in the event of unauthorized withdrawal of Russian gas from transit volumes to third countries, transit supplies will decrease by this volume.”
In the same context, the Hungarian Foreign Minister announced that stopping gas supplies from Russia to Bulgaria will not affect transit to Hungary, as gas supplies are uninterrupted according to the contract and schedule.
After the decision was announced by the Russian company, gas prices in Europe rose by more than 16%, exceeding $1,300.

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