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George Clooney is hospitalized, and the reason is an astronaut!

Oscar-winning American actor George Clooney announced that he was hospitalized and lost a lot of weight

Recently, due to his preparation for his latest artistic role …

Clooney indicated that he had to spend several days in medical care, after losing about 11 kg of weight due to the requirements of his role in his new movie, “The Midnight Sky.”

He explained that he was transferred to the hospital 4 days before filming the film, and after undergoing a medical examination it became clear that he had a pancreatitis, but he was discharged from the hospital after a few days

Clooney, 59, said: “I think I was trying very hard to lose weight quickly and maybe I wasn’t taking care of myself.”

And George Clooney embodies the events of the film, which is directed by the role of astronaut, Augustine Lofthouse, who suffers from cancer.

He pointed out that, “It took a few weeks to improve, and in addition to losing a lot of weight for his new role, George Clooney had to release a long beard.

The movie “The Midnight Sky” by George Clooney is scheduled to open on the “Netflix” digital network on December 23.

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