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George Kordahi, Lebanon’s Minister of Information

Yesterday, the Lebanese journalist, George Kordahi, was appointed
Minister of Information in the Lebanese government formed by Prime Minister Najib Mikati.
The news was widely praised by the public on the social media, and the Lebanese media were congratulated by stars, celebrities and media professionals.
George Kordahi was informed of the news of his appointment as Minister of Information in the Lebanese government while he was on the plane from Portugal to Dubai.

And the journalist George Kordahi is famous for presenting many programs, the most famous of which are “Who Will Win a Million” and “Al-Mosameh Karim” and others.
Qardahi was born in Lebanon in May 1950. He studied political science and law at the Lebanese University. He began his media career in the newspaper “Lisan al-Hal” in the year 1970 and then moved to Lebanon TV in 1973 and then worked in many media, including Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Al Sharq and from Then to “mbc fm” radio, to move to the mbc channel and present the famous program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, through which he achieved wide fame.

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