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George Wassouf is fine and responds to the rumor of his death

Yesterday, many rumors spread through social media about the death of Syrian star George Wassouf
This is what scares his fans and worries them about his health
Hours after the news of the death spread until Al-Wasouf published a photo of him with the artist, Hoda Haddad, sister of Mrs. Fairuz, on his official pages on social networking sites, where he confirmed that the coincidence brought them together and commented on the photo: “A sweet coincidence brought me together today with the artist Hoda, a smile, a sweet soul and taste.”
The photo also spread quickly among fans and followers of George Wassouf as evidence to deny the rumors that spread about his death.
On the technical level, George Wassouf had recently performed a successful concert within the activities of the “Jerash” festival, which was attended by a large number of audience, and the concert was overcrowded on the southern stage.
He also performed a concert in Jeddah as part of the summer concerts in Saudi Arabia.
The last of George’s songs this season was “Yah Al Zaman”, while “Yamaya” was released on the occasion of Mother’s Day, and before that, “Sahi Al-Layl”, and the three songs achieved remarkable success.

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