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German Defense Minister resigns from her post

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht resigned from her post today, Monday, following a series of lapses that cast doubt on her ability to perform her tasks of strengthening the armed forces in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

“Today I asked the chancellor to relieve me of the post of Federal Defense Minister,” Lambrecht said in a statement, blaming the “personal fixation of the media” for preventing her from making “decisions related to security policies, including the interest of German citizens.”

Observers also considered that Lambrecht’s resignation was a natural result of what the latter had suffered since she received the ministerial portfolio 13 months ago, in light of a series of disagreements and communication problems, which led to what her opponents described as “a series of grave mistakes and her inability to impose her authority,” according to a report by the German DW channel.

Criticism was not spared even from within her party, as Rep. Joe Weingarten said in a radio interview Saturday that the armed forces “need someone who has the authority to lead and clearly supports them.”

Lambrecht’s image was further shaken by an unfortunate holiday video in which she said she was grateful for all the “meetings” the conflict in Ukraine allowed her to have.

In the spring she also ran into trouble after her son used a military helicopter for a holiday on the German island of Sylt.

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