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German tied Senegalese hat-trick and Barcelona news

The matches of the first round of the first level of the European Nations League, which brought together Italy and Germany at the Renato Dellara Stadium in Bologna, ended with a 1-1 draw. This draw gave each team a point, noting that the same group witnessed the loss of England against Hungary, 1-0. In the second level, the Montenegro team won at the expense of the Romanian team by two goals to nothing, while in the third level, Turkey defeated the Faroe Islands 4-0.

As for the first round of the African Nations Cup qualifiers, Senegal won a hat-trick, with its historical scorer Sadio Mane, who scored 32 goals against Benin, 3-1 at Abdoulaye Wade Stadium in Group Twelfth. In the match that was held at the Olympic Stadium, Mauritania won 3-0 against Sudan. During the activities of Group F, the Algerian national team won a clean double against Uganda in the match that was held at the stadium of July 5, 1962.
On the other hand, PSG wants De Jong
And press reports revealed that Paris Saint-Germain has entered into the contract line with Dutch international Freddy de Jong, the Spanish midfielder of Barcelona. De Jong is one of the most important goals required to support the English club Manchester United to play under the leadership of new coach Ten Hag, but the Dutchman is reluctant in light of the English club’s non-participation in the Champions League next season.

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