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Germans complain of poverty because of sanctions

A media report has revealed that Germany’s poorest population is at risk of being hit hard by rising food and energy prices.
“At the end of the month, not many people have money to buy food. At least when it comes to healthy eating, fresh vegetables and fruits,” said Jochen Brühl, president of the Association of Social Nutrition Centres.
He noted that the number of people seeking help this month at the Social Nutrition Center in Nuremberg has doubled to ten thousand. The situation was exacerbated by the arrival of 600,000 refugees in Germany from Ukraine, who also depend on state support.
An increasing number of elderly Germans are facing the dubious situation of either freezing or starving to death, said Peter Frolich, a cook at the Center for Social Nutrition in Nuremberg. A visitor to the center in the city, Jennifer Bibka, who raises two children alone, complained that she had to donate plasma, adding that “everything is getting more expensive every day, and I donate plasma regularly to cover my expenses, and I am happy that I can do that so far.”
And Andreas Oderich, a politician in the Bundestag Greens, told stories of people from his constituency who spent as much time as possible outside turning off the heating in their apartments. He fears that such a situation in the country will lead to social unrest.

Western countries imposed sanctions on Russia after the start of a special military operation to disarm Ukraine. The measures affected the banking sector and the supply of high-tech products. In Europe, calls to reduce dependence on Russian energy sources have become greater, and several brands have announced their withdrawal from Russia. The pressure of sanctions is already turning into economic problems for the United States and Europe, causing dangerous increases in fuel and food prices.

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