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Germany will send a frigate to the Red Sea to help

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced that Germany will send a new frigate to the Red Sea early next August to help secure maritime traffic that was disrupted by the Houthis, after the end of its ship’s mission there.

Pistorius said in a statement that the frigate “Hamburg” will assume the duties of the ship “Hessen”, which left the intervention area on Saturday as scheduled at the end of its mission that began on February 23.

The ship had been sent to the region within the framework of the European Union mission “Aspides” (“Shield” in ancient Greek) to protect commercial shipping, with about 240 military personnel on board.

The statement also explained that the missions of the ship “Hassin” accompanied “27 commercial ships in the intervention area” and repelled Houthi drones and missiles four times.

The Houthis recently claimed responsibility for attacking about 100 ships since the start of their operations.

These attacks also increased insurance costs for ships crossing the Red Sea, and prompted many shipping companies to prefer the much longer corridor around the southern tip of the African continent.

Allied Washington formed a multinational coalition in December to “protect” maritime traffic without success in stopping the attacks.

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