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Gloves against Corona for the Queen of Britain

The British “Coronelia James” clothing company revealed its cooperation with a Swiss technology company to produce a pair of gloves that can kill viruses – including Corona – if they come into contact with it, for the sake of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to British reports, “Cornelia James” refused to comment on whether it had sent these gloves, made of cotton and merino wool, and enriched with a substance called “HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03”, to Buckingham Palace, and only confirmed its production ..
A company spokesman explained: There is absolutely no effect on the appearance or feel of the new gloves, but it does neutralize viruses and microbes virtually upon contact. You will not pick up or transmit viruses.

It is noteworthy that the 94-year-old queen wears gloves in public places and started using Cornelia James since his honeymoon in 1947, and the company was known as the royal supplier of gloves to the Queen, the Queen Mother, and the late Princess Diana. The company received a royal warrant as the “Queen’s Official Glove Maker” in 1979.

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