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Good news awaits Saad Lamjarred

Saad Lamjarred is in Paris to attend the activities of Fashion Week there to attend the show of international designer Zuhair Murad and other international fashion designers, provided that he returns immediately after the end of the event to complete his artistic activities and prepare his new song that is scheduled to be released within days, but what about a special surprise that may change his life during the coming period?

It is reported that Saad Lamjarred and his wife, businesswoman Gita Al-Allaki, are expecting their first child in the coming months.
Where it is worth noting that Saad officially announced his marriage last September and did not publish any photos of him and his wife during their honeymoon in the Maldives. It seems that he is trying to hide his personal life from social media.

On the other hand, Saad Lamjarred is supposed to release his latest lyrical work during the coming period, which will be in the Moroccan dialect, titled “Ish Akhbarak”, provided that he prepares for another work in the Lebanese dialect upon his return from Paris.
As the clip “From the First Minute” continues to succeed on YouTube and music platforms, as it broke records in viewership rates during the past year.

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