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Great dissatisfaction with his visit to the southern frontier

There have been many reactions to President Joe Biden’s visit to the southern border, which suffers from the problem of the flow of immigrants and drugs, as US Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said, on Monday, on his Twitter account: “Biden is making his first border visit in his life in order to take a picture, while He was pressing for an amnesty for the millions of immigrants who crossed the border into the US illegally.”

He continued, “The Republicans will hold him and his interior minister in the House of Representatives accountable for creating the most dangerous border crisis in American history.”

US President Joe Biden, Sunday, arrived at the border between the United States and Mexico for the first time since taking office to visit El Paso, the transit point in Texas that is at the center of the controversy over illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

The US president, who has been accused by the Republican opposition of turning a blind eye to the historic influx of immigrants trying to enter the United States illegally, will meet with border officials and law enforcement there. He was greeted when he got off the plane by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who accuses the Democratic president of turning the border into an immigration corridor.

In El Paso, Biden is also discussing “border control operations” with local officials, before heading to the Mexican capital to hold a summit with his Mexican counterpart Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, with whom he will participate Tuesday in a tripartite summit alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Accompanying the US president to the border is US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas, who called on Sunday, in an interview with the “ABC” network, for a “regional solution” to the immigration crisis.

In return, those who cross the border illegally would be sent back more easily, according to the White House.

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