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Greater effects than expected.. Will Yemen cause a food crisis for the Israelis?

Israeli media issued important warnings about fears that the Yemeni army will continue its threats to prevent the passage of Israeli ships from the Red Sea, beyond the security and economic threats associated with the new Yemeni measures resulting from the Israeli war on Gaza.
Israeli concerns were expressed by experts and reported by many Hebrew media outlets today, about Israeli ships being forced to change their course, circumvent the African continent, and then enter the Mediterranean through the Jabal Karg Strait instead of the Gulf of Aden.
The Israeli losses as a result of the move are represented by a significant increase in maritime shipping costs, which may cause a food shortage among Israelis in the near future, or a significant increase in its prices.
A source in the Yemeni army denied that the seizure of the Israeli cargo ship Galaxy Leader, owned by an Israeli businessman, was a piracy operation, stressing that the step came as a result of the state of war declared by Yemen due to the Israeli operations in Gaza, which cause the killing and wounding of thousands of Yemenis daily.

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