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Hacking the Syrian government channel

The Director of the Media Office of the Presidency of the Syrian Government announced that the channel of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on the Telegram application had been hacked.

Nayouf added, “The cyber war and attempts to hack the social networking sites of Syrian government agencies are in the context of the ongoing terrorist war against Syria for 12 years and in the context of the suffocating siege and restrictions that the Syrian people are subjected to.”

The director of the media office pointed out that “the parties that carry out these crimes are well-known parties. They are the ones who support terrorism in Syria and continue to support it. They are the same ones who attack Syrian airports and civilians. I believe that the Israeli enemy is behind this campaign after it and everyone who supports it failed in the terrorist plot on the over the course of 12 years.

As for the re-emergence of ISIS and its relationship to the events taking place around the world, especially Ukraine, Nayouf said, “America today is weaker than ever. Russia) and other terrorist organizations, and in the end Syria won, and in Ukraine Russia is victorious over a satanic Western project aimed at dividing and weakening Russia.

He added, “America today is using all its military, economic, cyber and technological warfare tools and will not be able to achieve anything of note.”

Nayouf concluded by saying that people’s awareness is the basis, and that the Syrian people are aware and aware of everything that is planned.

Earlier today, the Syrian Prime Minister announced that its channel on the Telegram application had been hacked.. and the Prime Ministry added in a statement that “the technical team in the government is working to restore it, calling for caution against any publication that might be published on the channel and to follow up the news issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers through the official media.” “.

Today, several government and personal channels and accounts on Telegram were hacked, including the account of the director of the media office at the Presidency of the Government and the account of the war media in the official news agency, SANA.

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