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Haifa Wehbe’s daughter follows in her mother’s footsteps

Your son, Haifa, and hide me, Zainab Fayyad, has transformed from just an ordinary girl on social networking sites into a bold influencer. She often shares with the public pictures and video clips from her personal life and bold looks similar to her mother, which she published on her account on the Instagram platform.
Haifa is famous for her photos in which she places her hand on her chest, which is what Zainab did in the last photo session she underwent, and exposed her to a lot of criticism for exaggerating in displaying her body on the one hand, and exaggerating plastic surgery on the other hand.
On the other hand, the relationship between the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe and her only daughter, Zainab Nasr Fayyad, is not good, and the daughter is taking revenge on her mother indirectly by winning her fans’ sympathy for her in order to take revenge on her after she disowned her daughter and left her in her childhood.
From time to time, Zainab publishes pictures and videos of herself and her daughters, Haifa’s granddaughters, in order to confirm that the Lebanese star has a daughter and grandchildren at a time when the latter hopes to start a family, as she said.
The origin of the story: In the early nineties, Haifa left behind her Kuwaiti husband and her daughter, Zainab, when she was a child, in order to join the world of fame and stardom, as her husband refused to allow her to enter the field of art, so she separated and pursued her most important dream.
It is also mentioned that Haifa Wehbe’s latest work is the movie “Ramses Paris”, starring Mohamed Salam, Mohamed Tharwat, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Mahmoud Hafez, Samira Maqroun, Mustafa Khater, Aws Aws, Jumana Murad, Mustafa Al-Banna, Ahmed Kishk, Sami Maghawry, and a number of other artists. Written by Karim Hassan Bashir, directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa, produced by AKA Raymond Ramses and Ahmed Khaled Moussa, and distributed by “Synergy Films.

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