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Haifa Wehbe’s daughter for the first time talks about her mother … What did she say?

Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of Haifa Wehbe, who has declared a rift with her mother for many years, knowing that she is the only daughter of her first husband Nasr Fayyad, whom she married at a young age, and gave birth to Zina, then she decided to enter the world of art, and agreed to surrender her in order to obtain Divorce and the trend to a life of fame ..

Although Zainab had never talked about her mother, for the first time, today she praised her, confirming that she is the reason behind her popularity on “social networking” sites.

Fayyad confirmed in statements on MBC 4 that “all those who follow me on” social media “are because of my mother, God if he loves a slave whom his servants love in him … and his servants love my mother.

This is the first time that Zainab Fayyad uses the title “mother” to her mother, Haifa Wehbe. She added, “There are some people whose mission is limited to sowing discord, and I do not turn to them, because a person cannot satisfy all parties. They are engaged in a sacred relationship between the mother.” And her daughter without regard for the feelings of any of the parties. “

And she commented on the taunts that dealt with the return of relations between her and her mother, Haifa Wehbe, after she sang with her daughter Daniela a clip from Haifa’s song “Tuta”, saying: “It is enough that my intention reached the person concerned … I am happy to talk about this matter well, but there are some people who have been discharged. With their imagination far away, they began to analyze the lyrics of the song and apply them to my personal life, and this matter shocked me a lot.

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