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Hamas agrees with Israel’s offer, but it includes “mined clauses”

Hamas leader Yousef Hamdan expressed today his belief that the recent offer for a ceasefire in Gaza and the exchange of detainees is close to the movement’s position and conditions, but it still includes “explosive clauses that may lead to the explosion of the agreement upon implementation.”

Hamdan told the Arab World News Agency that there are parties that describe the Israeli paper as “containing a generous offer in order to pressure the movement to accept the offer as it is,” referring to statements made by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken last Monday.

The leader also added that Hamas’ vision is clear and “it is not affected by statements here or there,” stressing that such statements “will not turn the paper into anything other than its reality, which we know well.”

He added, “We will not stop at descriptions, and we will deal with matters as they are without exaggeration or belittlement. This is what we expressed by saying that we deal responsibly with the paper presented and we are waiting for Israel’s response to our observations.”

Earlier today, Blinken confirmed that the Hamas movement is “the only reason” for not reaching an agreement to exchange prisoners and detainees with Israel, according to what was reported by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation.

The US Secretary of State, who arrived in Israel yesterday, Tuesday, also added during a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, “There are offers on the table, and as we said, there is no delay or excuses. Now is the right time to return the kidnapped people to their families.”

In turn, Herzog said that Israel hopes to obtain a “clear” international position on the issue of those detained by Hamas, adding, “We hope for their immediate return, and this must be a priority for the international community.”

This comes as a high-ranking Egyptian source said today that efforts to reach an agreement on a truce in the Gaza Strip are continuing amid a “positive atmosphere,” according to Cairo News TV.

The Egyptian source, who was not named by the channel, also added that Egyptian consultations are taking place with all concerned parties to “resolve some controversial points” between Israel and Hamas.

The United States, Tel Aviv’s most important ally, is pressing to reach an agreement to stop the invasion of the city of Rafah, where about two million displaced Palestinians are crowded.

Egypt, which plays the role of mediator between the two sides, is also pushing for an agreement to stop the war and complete the prisoner exchange deal.

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