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Hamas rejects Biden’s ceasefire conditions

Qatar and Egypt recently informed Hamas leaders that they could face possible arrest, asset freezes, sanctions and expulsion from Doha if they did not agree to a ceasefire with Israel. Officials familiar with the talks told the American newspaper that Qatar and Egypt informed the leaders of the Palestinian movement a few days ago in an attempt to pressure them to accept the terms of the ceasefire plan set by the American administration.
The newspaper indicated that Hamas maintained its position despite threats of arrest, sanctions, and expulsion from Doha.
The sources pointed out that these threats were made at the request of the Biden administration, which is looking for a way to convince the movement that the United States classifies as “terrorist,” with the aim of reaching an agreement that President Biden needs amid the political vortex regarding the ongoing war in Gaza and following talks he held with Emir Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Biden confirmed Israel’s readiness to move forward with the conditions now presented to Hamas.
The US President also stressed in a statement that this time is the best possible opportunity to reach an agreement and that Hamas’ continued refusal to release the hostages will only prolong the conflict and deprive the people of Gaza of relief.

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