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Hamas reveals the reason for the cessation of negotiations and sets its conditions for the release of the remaining prisoners

The Deputy Head of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement said that the movement no longer has any living Israeli women and children prisoners in the Gaza Strip, revealing that between 50 and 60 Israelis were killed as a result of the Israeli bombing on various areas of Gaza, some of whom are still under the rubble. The Israeli side refused to negotiate to recover them, and therefore The reason the truce stopped.

In a television statement, Al-Arouri said that Hamas’ condition for releasing the rest of the prisoners it has, who are soldiers and settlers who served in the Israeli army, is a permanent ceasefire and the liberation of all prisoners from Israeli prisons, and that there will be no further prisoner exchange until after the end of the war.

Al-Arouri stressed that the resistance in Gaza is prepared for all scenarios, and that the Israeli army will not be able to achieve any of its military goals and will once again test its ability to no avail, and that the Israeli army will only be able to commit more crimes against civilians.

Al-Arouri also extended his thanks and appreciation to everyone who supports the Palestinian people around the world, whether through demonstrations, up to military operations by Hezbollah and the Yemeni army, and operations taking place against the American forces in Iraq and Syria.

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