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Hamas: There is an Israeli response to some conditions

A source in the Hamas movement revealed that the response will take place within the next few hours or days.

She indicated that “there is a change in the Israeli mentality, unlike previous times regarding the negotiation file.”

He also explained that “there is an Israeli response to some extent regarding our conditions regarding the ceasefire, withdrawal from the Netzarim axis and the return of the displaced to northern Gaza.”

While he pointed out that “implementing these three items will be an entry point for negotiating the prisoner file and the exchange process, which contains details that will be discussed in the next response.”

On the other hand, a senior Israeli official told Agence France-Presse on Tuesday that the Israeli government will wait until “Wednesday evening” for Hamas’ response to a truce proposal in Gaza before sending a delegation to Cairo to hold talks on a ceasefire.

The official, who requested to remain anonymous, also added that “Israel will make a decision as soon as Hamas submits its response… We will wait until Wednesday evening before making a decision” on whether or not to send the delegation.

It is noteworthy that earlier Tuesday, an informed source revealed that the truce period currently proposed in Gaza, according to the Egyptian proposal, is up to 6 weeks.

However, he pointed out that this period may be shortened if Hamas does not release more than 20 Israeli detainees.

He also indicated that the proposal is accepted by both parties, Hamas and Israel, but the problem lies in the number of detainees of the age group and the job nature specified in it, according to the Arab World News Agency.

In addition, he stressed that Hamas has not abandoned its demand to declare the end of the war, but it is now prepared to discuss the matter during the truce and implement the first part of the deal.

He added that the agreement may be completed within days if some of the problems hindering implementation are overcome, explaining that the obstacle of the detainees can be overcome by adjusting the number of days of calm.

He also indicated that Hamas’s response to the Egyptian proposal is expected to include a request for clarification about the number of civilians returning to northern Gaza and the conditions for their return.

Months of fruitless discussions

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