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Hani Shaker at the Syrian Opera House

The prices of tickets to attend the concert of the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker, scheduled for the middle of this month, at the Opera House in Damascus, were announced, as the pioneers of social networking sites were surprised by the low price that was announced.

According to the announcement, the price of the ticket for the premium class is only 5,000 liras

While many observers tried to link the price of attending the Egyptian artist’s concert to be held at the Opera House, which does not exceed 5,000, and the price of tickets to attend Reem Al-Sawas’ concert in Aleppo, which amounted to 250 thousand pounds before it was canceled.

The director of the press office of the Opera House said in a statement that the prices for attending opera concerts are fixed and for all concerts that are under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture.

He also indicated that the price of a ticket to attend a party under private sponsorship may exceed 100,000 pounds, as the sponsor rents the theater only from the house, and the house or the ministry has nothing to do with the price determined by the sponsor alone.

During the press conference to announce the concert, Opera House Director, Maestro Andre Maalouli, said that concert ticket prices are the official prices set for all opera house concerts that are held throughout the year.

For his part, Maalouli said that the date of going on sale will be announced soon. He also expected that they would be sold out quickly, given the limited number of tickets, which is 1,200 according to the number of seats in the house.

These prices come as a result of the keenness of the Ministry of Culture and the Opera House to provide the opportunity for all segments of society to attend such artistic and cultural events.

For his part, the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker promoted his concert in Damascus,

He also published a video through his accounts on social networking sites, in which he said, “After a long absence and many years away from our beloved Syria, I am pleased to accept the kind invitation of the Syrian Ministry of Tourism, the Syrian Artists Syndicate and the Syrian community in Egypt, during the month of September at the Damascus Opera.”

Shaker also expressed his happiness with this invitation, which will be an opportunity to attend with “the Syrian people after a long absence, and I am happy that I will present a message to the Syrian people.”

He said: “I am all longing for the Syrian public, and Lord, I can arrange more than one event in this artistic visit, and a message of love from the Egyptian people to the Syrian people.”

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