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Hani Shakir attacks Egyptian broadcaster

Egyptian artist Hani Shakir attacked one of the broadcasters of Egypt’s Shams Channel for commenting on an incident with him during his recent visit to Sorba.
Shakir responded to the broadcaster’s comment about his fan Miyad’s incident, which appeared on video that went viral on social media hugging him while he was in Damascus.
Shakir wrote on Facebook: “In response to the opinion of a newbie presenter on the Sun Channel, I strongly reject her style of commenting on an automatic scene expressing how much a girl of my daughter’s age loves an artist she has not seen for more than fifteen years.
Shakir added: “Indeed, I did not respect my wife, quite the contrary, she did not respect herself when she said this sentence. The whole Arab country knows how much I love and respect my wife Nahla in her presence and in her absence, and also knows how confident she is in herself and that I too, unfortunately, was a commentary below the required professional level.”

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