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Haniyeh talks about Hamas’ options if the Israeli army opens the Battle of Rafah

The head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, described the American position regarding the Israeli government’s opposition to its choice to invade the city of Rafah as deceptive, indicating in an interview with the Turkish Anatolia Agency that the position is an exchange of roles between the two parties.

Haniyeh said that the Palestinian people will not raise the white flag if the Israeli army continues to go to the Battle of Rafah, stressing that the resistance is ready to defend itself.

Regarding the negotiations, Haniyeh indicated that the Israeli government did not agree to a ceasefire and what it wants is to restore its prisoners and then resume the war, “and this will not happen.” He also stressed that the administration of the Gaza Strip must be carried out by Palestinian will, while welcoming any Arab or Islamic force if it It will help the Palestinian people to be liberated, not provide protection for the occupation.

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