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He killed his two daughters and buried them, and what he did when the police arrived is shocking

The police moved in the Syrian city of Aleppo the day before yesterday, against the backdrop of a report about a man who had killed his two daughters, Sidra, 14, and Lamis, 13, and buried one of them in the yard of his house located in the Tal Shughib area in the countryside of Aleppo, while he burned the other.

When the police arrived at the place, the accused (H.S.) detained his two other daughters and threatened to kill them with a grenade that he had in his possession. He also attacked the patrol members with grenades and tried to flee before one of the bombs exploded and injured him along with his two daughters and a number of police officers.

According to the details published by the Syrian Ministry of Interior, the investigations concluded that the accused, who died in the hospital from his injuries, had killed his first daughter after assaulting and burying her in the presence of her stepmother, and later he had killed her other sister in the presence of his 16-year-old son, and the investigations were led This led to the arrest of the accused’s wife along with the son, and the motives behind that crime have not yet been clarified.

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