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Heba Nour denies statements attributed to her

The Syrian star, Heba Nour, denied statements attributed to her through the social media, in which she criticized her compatriot, star Nisreen Tafesh, in the series “Aziza Choir”, which they co-star with.

On her Instagram account, Heba posted comments in which she confirmed that she did not make any statement and did not criticize any of her colleagues. Heba said: “Good times for all of you. All the statements circulated on social media about statements in my name have nothing to do with the truth and nothing to do with the truth. I have it, neither from near nor from afar.

Heba also confirmed that she had never attacked or criticized one of her colleagues and added: “I have never said in an abusive manner about any member of the Syrian artistic community in particular or the Arab in general, and I have never authorized myself to evaluate my performance or the performance of any of my colleagues. In my mission, I respect our high-end audience and all opinions, whether negative or positive.”

Heba explained that there are no differences between her and her colleagues and said: “I did not have a dispute with any of the colleagues from my beginning until the moment and we will not be in the future, what unites us from the passion for art compels me to love and appreciate everyone, whether I reciprocate or not.”

Heba concluded her comments by emphasizing that she wishes everyone success and said, “Hoping that we will succeed in fulfilling our mission by satisfying and delighting the viewer through our art and drama.”

The statements attributed to the artist Heba Nour criticized the performance of her colleague Nisreen Tafesh in the series “Aziza Choir”, as it was stated in the statements attributed to Heba that the criticism of the series “Aziza Choir” is caused by the artificial and exaggerated performance by Nisreen and that Heba surpassed her in the series, whether by dancing or by acting.”

In the series, Heba plays the character of “Munira Farfash with us”, while Nisreen plays the character of “Aziza Khokha.” The series is written by Khaldoun Qatlan, directed by Tamer Ishaq and produced by “Golden Line”.

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