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Heba Toukhel is generous towards a former maid

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel did a humanitarian act towards his former housekeeper, when he was coach of the Paris Saint-Germain team, by paying the price of a heart surgery for her son.
The 48-year-old German coach spent two years in the French club and lived in one of the famous neighborhoods in the capital, Paris.
Shortly after arriving at the Princes’ Garden from Borussia Dortmund, Tuchel and his wife enlisted the services of a Filipina housekeeper.
The generous German plunged into his pocket to help the woman after learning she was working overtime to fund her child’s treatment.
It is also said that the woman worked very hard in the Parisian home of coach Tuchel, always making herself available to his family.
Tuchel provided out of his own pocket the costs of the surgery for her son when he learned that she was working overtime to secure the money for the operation. Fortunately, the operation went well, and the boy was able to look forward to a healthy life.
But the kind gesture from Tuchel did not stop there, as he approached the end of his technical supervision role in the Paris Saint-Germain team, and during a conversation between Tuchel and the Filipino woman about the dreams of a lifetime, the woman said that her dream is to buy a house in the Philippines where she can retire and live with her family.

Although Tuchel left the French League and left Paris, he did not forget the housekeeper, to help her buy her dream home, and she now lives in her homeland with her family.
This amazing initiative is probably supported by Tuchel’s wife, Sissy, who plays a huge role in his career.
Although she was not involved in football decisions, she is said to have been very supportive of her husband for the past 12 years.
Tuchel and Sissy are rarely seen together in public, as they prefer to avoid the spotlight.

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