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Hezbollah is communicating with the Israeli settlers in the north… and this is what I told them

Israeli media reported that many Israeli settlers residing in the northern settlements near the Lebanese border received messages today via WhatsApp from an account displaying an image of the Hezbollah flag.

According to what the Israeli Kan TV channel reported from local officials in those settlements and other settlers, some of Hezbollah’s messages that reached their phones included the following phrases: “To the settlers of the north, we struck exclusively the houses in which the soldiers were hiding. They will not leave you houses to return to.” .

The station also quoted others as saying that the messages they received contained the following phrase: “Nothing will change after September 1, if the aggression against Gaza does not stop.”

The residents of the northern regions are leading an escalating campaign against the Netanyahu government and the leaders of the Israeli army as a result of what they describe as the catastrophic situation in the north as a result of Hezbollah attacks, to the point that it prompted some of those settlements to declare disobedience against the government, as happened in “Margaliot”, which asked the Israeli army to leave the settlement, and announced the severance of the settlements. Its relationship with the Netanyahu government.

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