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Hezbollah reveals its new, highly advanced weapon

Earlier today, Hezbollah published scenes from an operation it carried out during the past hours in which it targeted the Israeli AN/TEQ-37 radar, which specializes in detecting anti-missiles and identifying their launching sources, and which is located within the air surveillance unit at the Meron military base in the Galilee (7 km from the Lebanese border).
The video showed an individual launching a missile from a portable platform before the camera moved to the missile itself, which moved towards the target and hit it with high accuracy.
Specialists in military affairs published information about the Iranian-made Almas 3 missile, which is an imitation of the Israeli “Spike” system with many improvements. It is the latest anti-armor missile of its generation, guided by infrared rays, equipped with an electro-optical seeker for guidance, and capable of penetrating 1000 mm. Of armor within a range of 10 km from the launch site, it can also be used against air targets, and it can be equipped with a camera as the video showed, in addition to the fact that it does not require direct guidance during movement and is capable of maneuvering to hit targets not facing the launch site, and it moves directly or with a curved path towards the target. Autonomous, it is ideal for maneuvering because it is launched by one person, and does not require a crew.

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