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His brother was killed and his father stabbed … due to family disputes

Police officers in the Syrian coastal city of Banias arrested a young man who stabbed his brother to death, and tried to kill his father, wounding him.

In the details, the Syrian Ministry of Interior said that a police station in the Banias region was informed that two people had been admitted in an emergency condition to the Medina Hospital (Yasser MA), born in 1955, with two stabs in the head, and his condition is stable, and his pharmacist son (Ammar. He was stabbed in the neck and his stab under the shoulder penetrated the lung. He died of his injuries upon arrival at the hospital.

According to the Syrian Interior Ministry’s statement, the results of the preliminary investigations revealed that the murderer was the son of the injured man and the brother of the victim called “Zain Al-Abidin”. A police patrol managed to arrest him, as he confessed to killing his brother and stabbing his father, due to a family dispute between them

On this basis, the arrested person will be brought to court for trial.

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