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Historic event…the US Fifth Fleet ship

Photo from the US Fifth Fleet website
The American ship docked in Beirut port, as part of exercises conducted by the American fleet, and was described as “the first of its kind in the Fifth Fleet.”
According to a statement distributed by the US embassy in Beirut, the County, an express transport vessel, arrived in Lebanon on September 20 for a previously scheduled visit.
She said, “This historic visit is the first by a US Navy ship to a Lebanese naval base, and it highlights the strong partnership between the United States and the Lebanese Army,” noting that “this visit is conducted by the US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), and may be considered part of a mission This command aims to build the capacity of the Lebanese Navy to maintain regional security and stability and enhance disaster response capabilities, including the exchange of specialized experts between the Lebanese Navy and the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command staff working on disaster response, public health, mine action, and diving medicine. construction capabilities.
Admiral Brad Cooper, commander of the US Fifth Fleet and Combined Maritime Forces, said, “This is a new opportunity for the US Navy to work with our Lebanese counterparts… We are ushering in a new era of enhancing and expanding capacity building across the region.”

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