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Historic night for Iraq, Gulf champion 25

The Iraqi national team achieved the Gulf Cup championship, for the fourth time in its history, after defeating its Omani counterpart, 3-2, in an exciting match that was decided in the last minutes of the two extra periods in the final that was held on Thursday evening at the Basra International Stadium.

 The Iraq trio carried the signature of Ibrahim Baish, Amjad Atwan and Manaf Younis in the 24th, 116th and 122nd minutes.

 As for the Oman double, it carried the signature of Salah Al Yahyai and Omar Muhammad in the two minutes (90 + 6) and 120.

 This coronation is the first in the history of Iraq under the leadership of a foreign coach, the Spaniard Jesus Casas, after the crowning of the Lions of Mesopotamia in the 1979, 1984 and 1988 editions.

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